I serve authentic, vibrant couples and specialize in small batch imagery. I create heirlooms that will tell your story just as well in 20 years as it does today. Creating work thats collaborative and authentic is my process, Weddings and Lifestyle Sessions are my specialty!



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I am a storyteller...

I make true to color images that will stand the test of time. With over twelve years of experience working to create original work for folks of all types, you can trust I have what it takes to tell your story. I work with couples, families, savvy business hustlers and individuals with something to say. Most importantly...I help make ideas come to life and create images that you can feel.




I am NATALIE ROSE, a storyteller from Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Partly because I am just not your typical gal. I hope to be one of the comfiest third wheels you've ever invited on date night! But really, I've just recently been described as "the coziest person ever" (no kidding)! I'm warm, friendly and looking to make you laugh. I believe you can be both goofy and professional and I am here to prove it to you!

I'm not your typical photographer...

About Natalie


Some photographers prefer to be wallflowers, that sounds nice but lets be honest...I am here to play off your energy, give you endless hype behind the camera and assure you that I see your vision. I talk a lot and if you mention you're really into tunes lately I'll probably bring a speaker so we can jam out together!

I LOVE capturing those one of a kind moments.

I hope to be one of the comfiest third wheels you've ever invited on date night!
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